Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort
snake charmer,my self portrait photographed by Jon Unson

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions.Watch your actions; they become your habits.Watch your habits; they become your character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny"

Monday, August 10, 2009

looking the look in

Here are some of my looks that I posted in, I thought I would share them out here. A big thanks to my friend, Orlee aka Orlando Agustin III, who on such a short notice came running all over to Minglanilla just to shoot these set with me. Your Fab! and I deeply owe you one. Big time. Thank yow pow for being such a good sport.

Im looking forward to our next collaboration, yes? This time albeit more crazier and more spunk. game?!?

My looks and their crazy titles:

"Tiny specks of light in my third world paradise"

"racing thru colors"

"Boy lets get rough, I aint no Girl, I can take it like a MAN"

And one more look which i havent premiered yet in lookbook, so I guess I wont preempt it by posting it here just yet...

And a look, which i shot with an ordinary digi cam, with my trustee buddy Jade behind the lens...

Here it is:

"Who needs designer drugs, When I have designer friends"

I hope you guys like it.
Drei. :P

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