Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort
snake charmer,my self portrait photographed by Jon Unson

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions.Watch your actions; they become your habits.Watch your habits; they become your character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny"

Friday, March 6, 2009


I was so inspired by a friend's blog, that I decided to create my own. I thought it was lame to post my rantings here, but hey, why not. Just a free flow of thoughts of random things that is happening in my life.

Recently I am faced with choices that could otherwise set the stage for my future. I was thinking if I would fly back to Singapore and continue where I left, or stay for the mean time in Cebu and start reviewing for the board exams. Singapore or Cebu? Haay..
Let me weigh in my choices...

I love Singapore, the cleanliness of the 1st world, the cosmopolitan feel of the city, California fitness in Somerset, Fabulous Tan, Saturday nights and almost every night with Wei. sundays at Km8(which i heard is closing forever soon) hmmn... and ofcourse a career in fashion and advertising. There are so much more to miss and love about my life in Singapore... Oh well.

On the other end of the spectrum, last year after I graduated from my 2nd course, I left the Country without as much as taking the board exam. Now I have this gnawing feeling, to review and take the board and just get this done and over with.
I think, I know now what Im going to do. I will just shelve in my Singapore plans and put it off for the 3rd quarter of this year after im done with taking the exams! Right? Brilliant.
And besides, though Singapore is upscale and cosmopolitan, I have learned to love my humble 3rd world Cebu. Despite the corrupt politicians, the despair, the pollution, dirt and heavy traffic.. There is always the beautiful beaches around the island, and for me thats more than enough reason to love Cebu!

On another note. Its a Saturday, and in awhile I'll be heading off to the gym. I have been neglecting my gym for almost a week now. I got sidetracked and lost focused because for some strange reasons. I feel Im a bit under the weather now a days. I blame it on the car Im driving for acting up on the most inconvenient of times.
Well I need to be in focus again. My friend and trainer, Glen, fortunately keeps me grounded all the time about my training program and staying consistent. I also have been watching my food intake and Im always careful not to over indulge.
Afterall, Bora season is just a few weeks away.
BORA....haayst, the drama, the beauty and glamour, the endless fashion walk and the issues!!....god, the issues!!! Like: "who did whom, who wore what, who ditched whom, who hooked up with a celeb, which celeb friend almost OD-ied." Haah! These issues would reverbitate and be talked about within my social strata even long after the Bora season has gone by. It makes the trip well worth it and certainly hard to skip and miss.
And who wouldnt want to have a body-worthy-of-a-fashion-spread for Bora! I guess everyone wants to be beautiful under the Bora sun, while watching other gorgeous creatures frolic in the beach while sipping mojitos and wearing nothing except speedos!Sublime.
Infact, my pinoy gay friends from Singapore are already at their wits end, trying to gear up for a beach body worthy of bora. I keep on telling them that a year's worth of bad food choices, substance and lifestlye abuse cant be helped by just a month of extensive dieting and gym, pre-bora. Its not instantaneous. I believe it takes consistency. Well they can try. Goodluck.

As for me, Im undecided if I will go to bora this year. Ever since 2004 I have been going to bora almost yearly during Holyweek and have been having some not so holy times there. I have almost forgotten how it is to spend Holyweek in a very solemn traditional kind of way. So there, I said it, Im undecided about bora this year, but I will just see how things go.

Just a daily dose of my thoughts and rantings.

Well I guess thats all for now, Im off to go shower and head off.


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