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Creature Comfort
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"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions.Watch your actions; they become your habits.Watch your habits; they become your character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Remembering Tokyo

Many, many years ago, I used to be based in Tokyo as well. Specifically Roppongi

Tokyo, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and also one of the most expensive. There are 4 things I vividly remember about living in Tokyo, namely:

1.)The ski trips!!!(okay, this does not happen in Tokyo but in the nearby Nigata-ken, which is about 2 hours away via the shinkansen also known as the bullet train.) Being a tropical island Boy, I ofcourse get excited with snow,The feeling of the whole place being covered in a mantle of snow, is just so dreamy...

2.)Tokyo Disney Resort, geez the fun times I had there is inenumerable.

3.)My crazy friend Kenchang, who is an aspiring baseball player, and gym trainer. He was the one who got me started in this whole fitness thing.

4.)And ofcourse, the best and certainly not the least, the craaaazy fashion! Hell, its the most that I remember about Tokyo, and the rest is just all blur.

I have realize that after two fabulous years living in Tokyo,I will always look at the tokyoites in just one dimension: "Skinny pale skinned or uber tanned Dior wearing creatures, with prada shoes, carrying their essentials and not so essentials in LV or hermes bags, has funky hair , wears gucci or dolce gabbana to shade their eyes with from the sun and has either of the following: cartier,bvlgari, omega, rolex to tell the time with..eats raw fish in a minimalist interiored restaurant and drinks green tea as water. Shops with their itsy tiny winny desinger outfit wearing dogs.. Doesn't speak a word of english except for `chagee and kureedito kadoo" and to think most of them are waged dependent people" fabulous beings arent they?

That pretty much sums up of what I remember most from the land of the rising sun!

Hai. yorushiku!!

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