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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Love Ibiza Project. Directing Mr. & Ms. SMU. Memories of SG series

One of my greatest memory while being in Singapore, was directing the pageant for one of the biggest and most upscale university in Singapore which is the Singapore Management University (SMU).
I was handed the project while I was working as a project coordinator for a talents/modelling management company there. It was nerve wracking at first, knowing that some of these kids don't have any background about pageants nor do they have any exposure to modelling at all, and It didn't help much either that I was a foreigner so we have our cultural differences, of course. It also meant that I have to start from scratch and train them in terms of deportment, walking, projection and all the works and hoopla that goes with a pageant.

My initial meeting with the candidates was surprisingly easy, since they were really receptive and cooperative to whatever I was telling them to do. The working committee behind the project were young people who are easy to work with. The vibe was positive, young and fresh.

During the next few weeks,I found myself working closely and training the candidates for the pageant almost every night. It was inspiring, challenging and stressful all at the same time.

Right after my office job, which ends at about 8pm, I would rush to the SMU campus just a walking distance away to work with the candidates. The SMU campus was very upscale, modern and chic. I found out they have their own gym which could rival any high end gym in singapore. Their classrooms, were very modern. and the entire university had this "mall" kind of feel to it. I didnt feel I was in a school at all!

As the days went by I grew fond of the kids. I had my own personal favorites,but of course, I had to keep it all to myself.

There was a pre pageant presentation at the Suntec City and the pageant night which was held at Zouk. My task was to prep them for both events and direct the show at the same time.

Pageant night, everything was organized and smooth sailing.
Committees were compartmentalized and each had its task to fulfill making the entire process efficient and stress free. The winners of the pageant would be awarded a modelling contract from my agency and will be launched hopefully, as the next big thing in Singapore!

My personal favorites clinched the titles of course.(without me manipulating the results, so don't get me started!!)

All in all, the memories I had while working with SMU are definitely for keeps. I thought it is an achievement in my part as the first Filipino to have directed their pageant. Well, till the next project then! :D :D

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