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Creature Comfort
snake charmer,my self portrait photographed by Jon Unson

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions.Watch your actions; they become your habits.Watch your habits; they become your character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

When I appeared in the Sunday Straits Times; memories of my jaded life in SG series

Never in my wildest dream (ok, maybe Ive thought about it.) that I would appear in the society pages of The Sunday Straits Time in Singapore. I remembered how the news was delivered to me. Pun, of course intended.

We were at the east coast that time, summoning up all my guts to try and do wake boarding. While I was busy being nervous and feeling queasy about smashing my face on something concrete while wake boarding, my friend Rowena,texted us and told me to look for a copy of the Sunday Straits Time. Of course, the nearest newsstand as to where I was that time was a kilometer or two away! So I had to hold my excitement and instead sent a message to Wei to pick up a copy for me, since I was meeting him for a movie that night.

I knew something was up, but I actually didn't know that I was in the paper. Until much later that night when I finally got hold of a copy. There I was, plastered on the society page. Geez, it felt good knowing that my photo was one of the photos blown up in the set. The other photo blown up was that of my friend, Rowena. No wonder she was incessant about me getting a copy. The article said, "Faces to Watch" haah! me,a face to watch in Singapore?! haah. I almost peed in my knickers!

The photo was taken at the Baume and Mercier party that I attended earlier that week. I remembered a girl asking if she could take my photo as I was going inside the venue. I honestly thought it was just a courtesy photo, until she started asking me what I was wearing head to toe and what I do in life. I felt fortunate that I was smart enough to have worn my Costume National shoes that night and did not opt to wear the shitty pair instead.Thanks God at least, I was able to name drop a label during the Q&A since most of my ensemble that time, were, ugh, composed of the "unlabelled". haha.

Here are some more photos from that event.

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